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Will it be all right, if I shop online? Am I going to get decepted? What if it doesn’t please me? What if she would hate it? Is that ok with the shipment, what about the shipment being lost?You may want to check out Dayton Ohio Jewelry for more.

All your questions we understand. Certainly many people have concerns about purchasing something online, especially as important as a diamond engagement ring or any other expensive jewellery. Learning about buying diamonds really takes time, now it also takes time to educate yourself about buying online. As you can at Diamond Jewelry Stores get absolute better prices and better options.

Don’t worry about being fraud when you decide to buy diamond jewellery online, because here are the tips to buy diamond jewellery online to make sure you pick not just the right piece of jewellery but also the right store. When choosing an online shop, what you can search for is: Customer service. This is the first thing to think about, and then find out about the return policy. The next question is: how about the shipping process, since it’s linked to the policy of shipments missing or harmed. And the Certificate for your diamond and, of course, the stable transaction are two of the most important things to concern. Read below for more information.

What you need to know when selecting an online shop.

Customer Service

You can take advantage of online shopping to avoid salesperson-because sometimes they are too pushy or (maybe) unhonest about the products they sell. But what if you want to ask a question about the stone cut or the paint, or change your mind?? A successful online store must have a phone number where you can connect with Customer Service. But they aren’t 24 hours online. You should find out what hours they have, and don’t forget to search time zones.

Certified Diamond

Certificates of diamond can come from a variety of jewellery laboratories. Purchasing from places that sell either AGS or GIA (two of the world’s best labs) certificates is strongly recommended. You should pay some attention to those online stores selling their own certificates or other laboratory certificates. But not all sales of diamonds require certification-most preset diamonds do not come with AGS or GIA certification-and some beautiful diamonds can be purchased without certification. Although AGS or GIA certificate can add to the diamond value, but certification does not improve the diamond quality, it certifies the diamond specifications.

Secure Transactions

With the goal of removing the possibility of data capture, abuse or user impersonation by unauthorised parties, while today most online diamond stores, guarantee that the new security software automatically encrypts all personal information submitted for your payment or registration purposes. I think you should ask for a customer service for sure, for that reason. You will also find out in its Terms and Conditions about this.

Method of Return

Any decent online store needs a Return Policy. Please read it carefully. Some sites claim a return policy of 30 days, another site claims a return policy of 10 days, but if you read carefully several things returns require a “re-stocking” fee. So you had better consider the agreement before you buy it. If you cancel the order before it was delivered but after the jewel was sent to the workshop and done, another place reports 50 per cent of the settings price paid. And if a store doesn’t have Return Policy listed on the web anywhere, click on another online shop and never come here again.