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Nothing is more precious than a newborn baby there. So here are some super cute decorating ideas for making your baby shower cake fittingly sweet.

Consider the theme of the baby shower first. You might also arrange the theme around the cake if you are planning a shower. Do bear Mom’s interests in mind. This may be your cue if she has colours and a theme selected for the nursery.

Here are a few of the most common baby shower themes, along with a recipe, accompanied by cake decorating ideas to match.You can get additional information at triple h birthday bash after raw.

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is particularly common in nursery rhymes and fits well with themes that use blue. The Little Light” also gives the new baby a sweet metaphor. Whatever nursery rhyme theme you choose, make it a happy and lighthearted one.

Baby Animals: For obvious reasons, ducklings are common, like many other baby animals. For being one of the first bathtub toys for babies, the yellow ducky gets extra votes. Cute and cuddly, a common trend is the teddy bear as well. And what could be more sweet than a newborn lamb, other than a kid on his or her way?

Butterfly: The comparison here is impossible to overlook, and like many of the themes above, butterfly themes can be any colour, from soft pastels to bold and vibrant ones.

Baby Blocks: Perhaps one of the reasons this theme is so popular is that the blocks can spell out baby shower messages on invitations and cake, apart from the fact that blocks are a classic learning toy for babies and young children. Pictures on blocks also frequently depict cute baby animals or bright and cherry stuff with names beginning with the letter of each block, such as an aeroplane with a cute face.

Perhaps a cake design idea inspired one of the above. If not, here are some adorable thoughts to use as is or to start your own:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Cake – A cake filled with soft blue fondant or buttercream provides a pretty backdrop for a fondant cut-out or piped icing depicting the Little Star.” With the blue or other colour, add a happy face to the star, and pipe a sweet note.

Yellow Ducky Cake – This can be formed from a novelty cake pan, or a quarter or half sheet cake could be cut into the duckling’s shape because it’s such a simple design. Another concept: pipe a cake with the outline of a pond, fill it with blue gel or buttercream and then add the piped or marzipan-modelled yellow ducks to the pond. For a fun “shower” game, add some raindrops and create a rain puddle in the pond.