Facts about Benefits of Compression Therapy

Before I went ahead and began wearing compression socks, I met with a doctor whom I trust. I was a little worried that if my legs were squeezed, wouldn’t that decrease circulation? It appeared to me to be a bit counter-intuitive. He said that, in reality, it would increase circulation. He told me not to think of it as tying your leg with a string; it would decrease circulation. Think more of it as a massage. The pressure applied with the motion will activate the tissue gently and assist with circulation.-see here

Many of them are designed to have graduated pressure and are available in various pressure gradients. He named a few names as brands that have good products, such as Sigvaris and Mediven. They have stockings for heavy compression and medical compression stockings. Some of them are just by prescription, but he said he didn’t think I was quite there yet, but I’d always feel the advantages of trying them out. I’m glad I found these products; I can honestly claim I have already discovered the advantages. Many thanks for reading our post. Visit our main website at Compression-Stockings.org to read our new report on compression stocking advantages [http:/www.compression-stockings.org/benefitsofcompressionstockings.html] Then drop by our website and give us a buzz if you have any ideas for potential posts. Your input is always welcome. Running, jogging, and simply getting around will all lead to keeping your legs safe every day. In maintaining positive blood and oxygen supply in your legs at all times, diet is also a crucial factor. These things are all fundamental functions that will help you to keep the blood in your legs flowing and keep them secure. The explanation why you will be able to keep your legs safe is good blood flow, or circulation. It requires a steady flow of blood down through your legs and then back to your heart. The veins and arteries in the legs may be weakened by not exercising or noticing the signs or unhealthy activity and cause them to lose their ability to contract and provide the pressure needed to drive the blood back to the heart. This will then allow blood to flow back into the lower part of the legs, and the legs will suffer the effects and become unhealthy over time.