Custom Polo Shirts – The Smarter Way to Promote Your Business

Among the most versatile and adaptable garments in the workplace are custom polo shirts. More formal than a printed t-shirt, better to wear than an embroidered fleece, with intelligent performance, custom polo shirts carry you from the workshop to the workplace. Click more info here.

It is possible to embroider custom polos, print them, or both. New digital technology has made it possible to discreetly embroider extremely intricate logos and patterns on the top breast, while the front or back can be applied with bold lettering. Custom polo shirts help forge the identity of the company, providing workers with a clever uniform that can be dressed up or down accordingly. In bars, clubs, fast food restaurants, banks, recreation centres, shopping malls, garages and many other locations, take a look around and you can see them everywhere.

It’s quick to “tweak” it by printing an acceptable message once an organisation has an embroidered corporate design. For instance, you might have an assistant, receptionist, personal trainer, crèche assistant and DM shirts in a health club, all with the same embroidered logo but printed with the appropriate position of staff. As today’s custom polo shirts are available in several different colours, including two-toned variants, different departments could also have different coloured shirts. In both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics, different styles are also available, including long-sleeved and slim-fitting designs.

It is possible to order printed and embroidered polo shirts online with the digital software and hardware available, and even upload your own artwork. It is necessary to find a business who can work with you and interpret your designs with the latter, or alternatively propose ideas to modify a picture so that it fits the required machinery. This is becoming less and less of an issue today, since modern embroidery machines can actually handle very complex designs. The significant thing is that the design should be crisp, sharp, colourful and legible, so for the best results, choose a quality printing and embroidery business.

Custom polo shirts can be highly effective advertising tools, in addition to being perfect for corporate clothes and uniforms. As customer gifts and corporate giveaways, marketing and advertising agencies and trade fair organisers will affirm their efficacy, bringing the message way beyond the event. An embroidered polo shirt with a discreet business symbol on the top breast or pocket produces a look of longevity, professionalism and achievement from the point of view of the consumer, while printed t-shirts are often viewed as more transient and temporary. Nevertheless, don’t just hand out shirts in the “business colours”; instead if possible, use a range of common shades and fabrics.