Fire Protection Ensures Safety in the Aircraft Hangar

There are large ranges of facilities available that fall under fire safety that can help you control the fire in the aircraft hangar following all of them. The hangar facilities provide various types of spaces including:

  • Zone Hangar
  • Zone Warehouse
  • Create a Services Zone
  • Zone Warehouse

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It is important to evaluate the space carefully, so that the designers can decide the general space needs. Factors you need to consider when designing the spaces:

  • Identification of the type of aircraft that will fill the hangar.
  • Identification of the combination of aircraft that will use the hangar.
  • Description of the aircraft repair tasks that must be performed at the plant.
  • Estimate the form and amount of shop area needed to carry out the maintenance functions.
  • In the case of warehouse space, you must also determine the amount of shop area required to support the maintenance effort.
  • Estimate floor space available for the Office and Administration Area.
  • Estimate floor space needed for the Construction Utilities Zone.

In the case of Aircraft hangar fire safety, you can use the systems like:

  • Sprinkler machine overhead spray / Water
  • Unit Foam Control
  • Silicone hand pants
  • Large Foam Extension System

Three different types of schemes exist for the water supplies, such as:

  • The Head Preaction Shut
  • Standard moisturizer
  • Reels for water trousers
  • Deluge system

The main purpose of fire protection is to ensure both the property and the aircraft are secure. There are definitely other methods, along with the sprinklers, in which you can ensure aviation safety. New technologies have now evolved to give complete protection against fire.

Different ways to secure aircraft hangar from fire:

Fire Suppression Systems: Preventive security of your fire suppression system can insure peace of mind and you are assured that your people and properties will be secured. Nevertheless, to ensure that fire suppression systems are capable and ready to extinguish a fire, it is essential to have comprehensive inspection and exact service programs. Sprinklers exist that have a corrosion coating and extend the product’s life span.

Fire alarm systems: Fire alarm systems will also save lives. The National Fire Protection Association has made it mandatory that fire alarm systems be secured and that the premises be routinely inspected. State and state authorities must provide regular fire-system monitoring. Many service providers have qualified technicians who are able to inspect, check and repair fire alarm systems of any kind. Even devices help detect the carbon monoxide. There is heat detector that has properties that are resistant to interference.

Fire extinguishers: You can insure that the fire extinguishers are checked, recharged and replaced through a complete program. Proper equipment monitoring will always aid with managing the situation at any point in time. The skilled and highly trained people can show and comprehend the system’s functionality. Extreme precaution is taken when handling such advanced technological machines.