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Next, the Follicular Unit Transplant, one of the hair transplant methods is called the stripe method. This method is commonly the most common form of hair transplant, due in part to the fact that it is the least costly method in general. How this specific procedure works is the removal of a piece of skin from the donor area of the head (the area with hair). Then the donor region is covered with sutures. After that the strip is divided into follicular units, which are groupings of individual hair. Hundreds to thousands of small slits are cut into the bald region and the individual hair groupings are placed within them. There is a short-term rash at the location where the hair was grown. The sutures are removed after a short period of time, and the scalp is examined. The hair transplants should begin growing in about three to four months. This hair transplant method is usually done in full after a year when people can have natural haircuts and avoid using vitamin supplements, volumizing shampoos, and other hair loss items like this. Check ForHair NYC Restoration Clinic – Dr. John Cole – FUE Hair Transplant NYC.

Second, Follicular Unit Extraction is another hair-transplant process. In this particular method small holes of puncture are put in the scalp donor area. It removes the follicular units from these gaps. Although scarring is caused by this process, a scar is not as visible as with the strip method. After the follicular units have been extracted from the holes in the scalp donor area, the units are then placed in the bald area of the head into the small slits. Eventually, after a few months, the hair from the transplants will start to grow. As with the previously mentioned hair transplant method, this method should also be complete within one year.

While hair transplantation methods will take time to grow hair and may cause scarring, ultimately the overall effect will be a complete head of hair. Individuals will have their natural hair growing, instead of thinking about bald spots. The scarring will be different depending on what type of hair transplant methods are chosen by those individuals.